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Gifted and talented

Chatswood High School has a proud tradition of gifted education and offers a Selective Stream and a Gifted and Talented class in response to the Department of Education & Training’s priority policies on Gifted and Talented Children and Accelerated Progression. Positions in the Gifted and Talented class are highly competitive and the application process will include testing. These positions are only available to our local area students.

This program serves a need of challenging talented students in a local co-educational setting. In addition, it provides an extra dimension to our general aim of providing each student with an excellent academic, cultural, social and physical education. It is important to note that placements in this class are maintained on the basis of academic performance and students may be moved from this class at any time. This may be for individual subjects or all subjects if a high academic performance is not maintained.

Selective Stream Applications

Applications for our Selective Stream Year 7 are made through the Selective Schools unit. The applications usually close in November two years prior to Yr 7.

Year 7 selective classes

Application for entry in 2020
The application process for Years 8 to 12 enrolments in selective high schools is different for students to that of Year 7 enrolments. Application for entry to selective high schools in Years 8-12 in 2020 usually opens in June of the preceding year and closes in July. Available places in Years 8 to 12 depend on the number of students who have left the school. Each school is different - some may have no vacancies in some years of schooling. Applicants complete the application form and submit to up to three selective high schools. A separate application must be submitted to each school. Individual selective high schools manage their own placement and any reserve lists they may have.

For all other years, information on applications for our Selective Stream: