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The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Chatswood High School students in Year 9 to Year 12 have the opportunity to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

The Award is an enriching program that invites young people to participate in a number of activities over a set length of time. Participation is entirely voluntary and is structured so students can design their own unique program centred on their interests and passions.

Students are able to participate in three award levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each award has four sections

  • Physical recreation
  • Skills
  • Service
  • Adventurous journeys

Students choose an activity in these four area and document their regular participation in these chosen area over a period of three to twelve months.

Students in year 9 complete the Bronze Award, Year 10 students complete Silver, and Year 11 and 12 students work through Gold over a 2-year period.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is about setting goals. These goals are realised with persistence, determination, and resilience and will see the student become better prepared for life's challenges in the future.

Enquiries can be directed to the CHS Award Leader, Kirraly Amery -

2020 information

Registrations for 2020 have closed. If you are still interested in participating in the program this year please contact the award leader, Kirraly Amery, directly.

CHS Duke of Edinburgh hike dates 2020

Bronze Combo (Practice and Qualifying) Hike

Duration: 3 days 2 nights (with additional pre-training work online)

Venue: Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre, Colo NSW 2756

Monday 28 - Wednesday 30 September 2020

Getting there: students are to make their own way to and from the venue.

Silver practice journey

Duration: 3 day, 2 night pack and paddle

Venue: Youth Advance, Lake Lyell

Option 1: 23 - 25 July 2020 (week 1, Term 3)

Option 2: 13 - 15 August 2020 (week 4, Term 3)

Plus Compulsory Training Day (online course being developed - date TBA)

Silver qualifying journey

Duration: 3 day, 2 night pack and paddle

Venue: Youth Advance, Lake Lyell

Option 1: 11-13 October 2020 (week 1, Term 4)

Option 2: 22-24 October 2020 (week 2, Term 4)

Plus Compulsory Training afternoon (1-afternoon only) 4 - 6pm, Date TBA