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Personal development, health and physical education


Students benefit from a truly inspirational Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) program at Chatswood High School. Our staff understand our students, engaging and challenging them through a series of innovative activities designed to develop knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes associated with living a healthy and productive life.

PDHPE encompasses three important elements:

  • Personal development, where we continuously challenge and inspire students in an ever difficult and challenging world for adolescents
  • Health, where students learn all about the important ingredients that keep our own living organism alive and well
  • Physical education, where movement composition occurs in a variety of different settings where the emphasis is on fitness and fun

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education at Chatswood High School incorporates literacy, technology, organisational and study skills that can be utilised in all subject areas. Through our active and innovative PDHPE program students are inspired to pursue many related careers such as: Health Sciences (physiotherapy, nursing, sports medicine) Sports Administration and Management, Sports Coaching.

PDHPE at Chatswood High School is an exciting and vital part of school life and is truly an experience to be embraced!