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BYOD Device Purchasing Portals

Chatswood High School has partnered with JB HiFi Education and also HP to allow educational devices recommended by CHS to be available to purchased at educational discounted prices.

Although parents may purchase a device from any supplier or store, we recommend a device that meets our device specifications and is able to work with the CHS wireless infrastructure.

The devices must have software to allow the students to fully participate in class activities. Though the school will be able to give students basic assistance, the device is still your their own and it is the student's responsibility to keep it secure and functional.


Chatswood HS has elected for a range of HP laptops suitable for the BYOD program and is offering educational prices with increased warranty and the options for Accidental Damage Protection.

Visit the HP CHS BYOD Portal

Use code: ChatswoodHS to see their available devices.

JB HiFi Education

To ensure students are given a number of options from different brands that also meet the recommended specifications, we have also collaborated with the JB Hifi Education team. Brands include Lenovo, Microsoft, and Apple offering the equivalent warranty and accidental damage options.  

Visit the JB Hifi Chatswood HS BYOD Portal

Use code: CHSBYOD to see their available devices.



Purchasing a device via the Purchasing Portals is a private transaction between you and associated supplier.

Purchasing a device via the DPPs does not result in additional service or support obligations related to device performance on the School other than what is provided to all CHS