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Co-Curricular Music Program

Chatswood High School Co-Curricular Music Program

The Chatswood High School Music Program is a dynamic and exciting co-curricular program that strives for excellence by providing students with a well-rounded musical education and a lifelong appreciation for music. All students are welcome in our program regardless of musical experience. It is never too late to start learning an instrument! 

Since starting in 1980 with less than 20 students, the program has grown into the largest co-curricular program at CHS with over 250 students involved across 20 ensembles. The program has brought significant accolades to the school over the years through participation in concerts, festivals, competitions and regional and international tours. We encourage all students at Chatswood High School to experience the joys of music making with friends!

Our Ensembles:

Concert Bands  
Wind Orchestra An elite ensemble in which all wind, brass, & percussion positions are auditioned
Senior Concert Band A concert band for wind, brass, & percussion players in years 8-10
Junior Concert Band A concert band for wind, brass, & percussion players in year 7
Symphony Orchestra An elite ensemble in which all strings, wind, brass, & percussion positions are auditioned
Chamber Strings An elite ensemble for experienced string players, by audition
Junior Strings A junior ensemble for string players from Years 7-9
Senior Vocal Ensemble A small ensemble for the most accomplished singers in the school. All positions are auditioned
Choir A large open choir for all ages and abilities. All MP members are encouraged to join this ensemble
Big Band 1 A senior jazz ensemble for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar, piano and drums. All positions are auditioned, subject to available places
Big Band 2 A junior big band, for younger jazz players. Open to all students
Senior Jazz Combo A small senior jazz combo for trumpet, saxophone, bass, piano and drums. Membership is by invitation
Junior Jazz Combo A small junior jazz combo. Open to all students, subject to availability
Senior Percussion Ensemble An ensemble for senior percussion students in Yr 10-12
Junior Percussion Ensemble An ensemble for junior percussion students in Yr 7-9
Rock Bands Small ensembles for guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals. Places subject to availability
Guitar Ensembles Small ensembles for acoustic and electric guitars. These are open to students of all abilities

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