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School Attendance Procedures

The following information is a guide for parents and students to explain the school’s attendance procedures.

Parents: To explain a student’s whole day absence or late arrival

It is a legal requirement that the school receives a written explanation from a parent/carer for all absences, late arrivals and early departures.

Use one of the following written methods to notify the school:

1. SMS reply text to the school:

(This is the BEST OPTION because the reply text message you send is saved to your child’s individual attendance record)

NB: Parents can ONLY REPLY to the absence text message they receive from the school. Parents CANNOT initiate their own message.


2. Sentral parent portal (whole day or partial)

3. Email the school :

Please include: Student’s Full Name, Class Year, Date and Reason for the absence/late arrival. 


Students: Late Arrival Procedure

ALL Students arriving LATE to school must go to the office and sign in at the student counter.

A student is LATE when they arrive to class after the start of their first timetabled lesson and miss Roll Call. 

If they do not sign in at the office a whole day absence will be recorded on their attendance record and parents will receive a text message that says they are absent.


Students: Early Departure Procedure

ALL students leaving school EARLY must have a note signed by a parent/carer.

Notes should include: Student’s full name & Class Year

Date and time of early departure

Students go to the office with their note/appointment slip, scan their student ID card and an early departure slip will be printed. If students do not do this a truancy may be recorded against that student’s attendance record.

Application for Extended Leave

Parents/carers must complete an Application for Extended Leave – Travel, PRIOR to departure for any leave longer than 4 or more consecutive school days. These are available under forms on SchoolBytes portal and the Chatswood Highschool website. Applicants must include details of the educational and cultural benefits to the student for Approval of Leave to be reviewed.

If you require any further information regarding the School’s Attendance Procedures please refer to the school’s website or contact the school on telephone: 9419 3611.

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